A Message From The Executive Director…

Hello Friends of Peoria Home,

This is a scary time for all of us, young and old, as we navigate this new world of pandemics and politics.  We felt we should share with you, our amazing community, how our program is doing under today’s pressures and to let you know that we will survive!

The Peoria Home residential program opened its doors in February 2018 and has since supported 14 women survivors as they each walk their individual paths of recovery. As of today, with a full house and the current sanctioned quarantine, our residents remain safe within the home, attending online group recovery meetings, virtual meetings with their mental health providers, participating in in-house activities of art therapy, sewing, book club reading projects as well as yoga, daily walks and gardening (they are prepping the vegetable garden for the starters they have growing in the house).  Being forced to minimize interactions outside of the home is stressful for all and staff are doing their best to provide opportunities to break up their days as much as possible. This week’s sunshine will definitely help put a smile on everyone’s faces!

Our new Affiliate program is currently supporting two women survivors who have found alternative living arrangements and still receive the Peoria Home program benefits. They too, are staying safe and healthy and connecting with their online meetings and mental health appointments and receive their case management support by phone.

The Trauma Support Group for Women went live in January and will also continue through virtual meetings during the term of the quarantine. It is so important to stay connected during a time when one can feel extremely isolated and alone.

Be sure you are reaching out to your friends and loved ones to let them know they are not alone!

Thank you for your continued caring, sharing and support of the Peoria Home mission.  We could not do this without you!

Wishing you good health!

Terri Inglis
Executive Director